Martin Vajcner

Martin Vajcner

A history awash in winemaking glory! Martin comes from a family of grape-growers travelling through a long and rich history, with the oldest written record of his kin found in 1634 (where they were cited as the Weinschnitts, aka ‘vine-cutters’ in German) in Moravia. Martin spends 95% of his time outside, guarding the 5.2 hectares of his certified organic vineyards (plus incorporating biodynamic methods), and his wines are living proof that the cliché, “everything is done in the vineyard” will forever ring true. Everything is made in Martin’s grandfather’s old underground cellar, the farming and harvesting carried out by the whole family. All grapes are foot-stomped on the ground floor, usually left on skins for a few hours to weeks depending on the grape and intended style, and allowed to flow by gravity into the cellar underneath to ferment and rest in a select variety of vessels. With Martin’s youthful energy, undeniable talent & dedication to longevity-inspired farming, we can see a brilliant star on the horizon, and we are overjoyed for you to taste the journey with us!

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