Populis & Les Lunes

Populis & Les Lunes


We first met Shaunt Oungoulian and Diego Roig in a sea of natural Cali producers at RAW far in LA many moons ago and their wines stuck out in all the right ways. Soooooo fine and precise, but bursting with life. They divide their small project between two wineries, Populis and Les Lunes Wine. With Populis, they purchase grapes from historic vineyards and multi-generational growers they admire from Mendocino County. These wines are fresh, lively, & made for glubbable fun. Les Lunes is their home vineyard project where they farm and manage over 8 ha of vineyards in Sonoma and Napa and are committed 100% to organic farming and restoring and preserving older and historic vineyards in those counties. The Les Lunes Wines show the more classic, refined, elegant, and ageable side of natural wine. It’s such a treat to share these true beauties, available just once a year in Ontario.

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