La Perdida

La Perdida

Winemaker Nacho Gonzales is a forward-thinking, rule breaker in his stunning, misty north-west coastal region of Galicia, Spain. Farming ancient regional vines organically with biodynamic practices & without the use of sulphur, he is a low-intervention island in a red-hot sea of conventional farming. The name La Perdida or ‘The Lost’, was a reclaiming, taken from the way other local farmers would scoff at the overgrown vegetation and billowing grasses Nacho left wild and free in his vineyards, as opposed to the herbicide-sprayed, manicured norm. His dedication to the restoration of old Galician grapes, along with his informed experimentation have made these some of the most sought after Spanish wines in the world. These wines speak of clay amphora ‘tinajas’, the expressive abilities of red-white field blends, reverence for the land & preservation of tradition. It is a true honour to bring these rare bottles to you.

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