Lieux Communs

Lieux Communs

Salut, Lieux Communs! An urban winery in Montreal, fermenting everything that grows in vineyards, orchards, and small farms across Québec and Ontario. They also tend their own vines in Oka, embracing the principles of regenerative agriculture on a volcanic hillside with clover, thyme, wild flowers and grasses growing between the rows. Unrestrained and experimental, they are guided by their tastebuds, curiosity and inspiration, making use of flowers, teas, herbs, berries, honey and grape skins to craft their unique visions. With a special interest in North-American hybrid grapes, their wines offer another way to see and appreciate terroir – through regionally acclimated, uniquely diverse and sustainable, non-vinifera grapes. Bringers of exceptional Canadian wines, with accessible price points, and solid virtues, the Lieux Communs lineup is pure, spry, happy-go-lucky & stimulating both for the palate and the mind. We are so happy to be able to hoist them over that pesky provincial border & fill your cup, welcome to the Sorcières de Raisin famille!

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