Podere Magia

Podere Magia
Delicious Lambrusco for everyone! Podere Magia, or ‘Magic Farm’, is a semi-retirement project begun in 2013 by University of Gastronomic Sciences Pollenzo teacher, Stefano Pescarmona. Considered one of the leading Italian experts in biodynamic viticulture, Stefano grows immensely healthy fruit, ferments only with the yeasts on the grapes & works in the cellar without chemical intervention – a fully zero-zero operation. Located in the village of San Polo d’Enza, southwest of Reggio Emilia, the undulating vineyard sites and crisp air that slides down the Apennines provide an ideal scene for grape growing. With a vineyard only a couple hectares in size, and a teeny-tiny production, we feel so privileged to bring the wines of Podere Magia to you!

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